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layout of Greensboro's future


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Yep! She was giving me tips what connections I need to get into the city management arena. She represents the 12th district which I think is south Greensboro. she focuses on concerns in the elm/eugene street area.

Off the subject of the thread....

I was stuidying a map of Greensbro and I noticed that onec you go down elm/eugene, you're out of Greensboro. Why haven't they annexed parts of southern guilford county?

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The city limits are about 3 or 4 miles south of I-85/40 along Elm-Eugene. Now that the loop is being built, they will annex more but they can't go to far south because of the annexation agreement between Greensboro and Pleasant Garden. The greatest opportunity for Greensboro with annexation is east and northeast of the city. There aren't any incorporated communities other than Sedalia. There is a vast amout of land east of the city that can be annexed. I dont know if you noticed or not but downtown Greensboro is not centralized in the city of Greensboro. Downtown is more on the east side of the city. If they annex about 7 or 8 miles east of the city limits, downtown will be in the center of the city. Downtown is about 10 miles east of the western edge of town. The longest distance from the east side of town to the west is about 13 miles.

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