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Cheap Apartments in Charlotte?


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I am looking for some cheap apartment somewhere in Charlotte. I have just received a 30 day otice to move out because the owners of where I am living is selling the place. I am currently paying $300 in rent and can maybe afford up to $450 in rent or so I think as of right now. Any help in references will be greatly appreciated. THANKS!

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check www.apartmentratings.com for reviews (be wary of the "fake" reviews that the staff writes for themselves)

Are you looking for any part of town specifically?


I did a search on AparmentGuide.com for apartments up to $300, found nothing... upped it to $399 and I got 17 results:

so just go to http://www.apartmentguide.com/ and do a search, and be sure to read the reviews from http://www.apartmentratings.com

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That might be a little harder to do... I was looking for the same thing and came up with nothing... if you go further down south blvd you run into scakelybark rd and they have some for about 400+ but thats about the closest on the south side that I can think of

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