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Places to live in Downtown Winston-Salem?


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Depends on how up or down scale you want and when you need to move in. What monthly rent are you looking for?

There are a couple a block or two off broad(towards downtown) I have seen a couple of for rent signs) and I have seen a couple on the building at the corner of Broad and Fifth. There may be some for rent in the Piedmont Leaf complex. I think there also may be something for rent in the building behind the library.

Otherwise, wait for the Nissen Bulding

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Anyone know what the pricing is going to be in the Nissen Building?


I was contacted by a represenative from the Nissen Building Apartments last week and she told me that 2 BRs would start at $1,000.00 a month. She also said that they had a long list of people who were interested so far.

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