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April Fools?


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Happy April Fools!

I was just wondering if anybody did anything on this cruel yet fun holiday, lol. I told my principal and a few teachers that I was dropping out of school, which came as a very big surprise to them. I've always been tricked, year after year, and now I'm seeking revenge! HAHAHA.......


So, did anyone on UP play any pranks? Or did you fall for any?

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I was at a church dance and my girlfriend pulled me off to the side. She said, "Were through, I saw you with another girl." I was like, WHAT????? About 10 minutes later my girlfriend went up to the DJ and the announcer says, "APRIL FOOLS, ROBERT!!!!!" I went crazy. The guy said, "Aren't women the worst" I was like YEA. She got me good. The worst part about it was that everyone knew at the dance. I was the one person. LOL! I hate April Fools Day. Just kidding.....

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