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Carriage Town in Flint


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Well, I was gonna do a random Flint tour, but I only liked how the pics taken in Carriage Town came out. So here it is:

I started out near the site of the Rosewood Riverside Townhomes. It's a small 39 unit project, but the area needs it. In the first pic you can see Hurley Medical Center in the background from about 6 blocks away.




You can see where it is in relation to downtown in this shot


Here you can see how it was squeezed in next to a small apartment complex. The river is on the other side of the townhouse site


Just a shot of one of the apartment buildings. I believe they were built in the late 90s. You probably can't tell, but I took this shot from the street sitting in my car. No zoom used, so while it's not urban, it's still not overwhelmed by parking.


Looking toward the Riverfront Character Inn


A few random buildings across the street from said apartments


Further down the street


The Durant-Dort Carriage Company office building. It's one of the reasons this neighborhood has its name. Before the birth of the automobile, Flint was producing more carriages and wagons than any other city in the world. This neighborhood was the hub.


A pedestrian bridge and statues at the end of the street


Zoomed out


Close up of the statues. I forgot to check, but I'm sure that is Mr. Dort and Mr. Durant


A better shot of the bridge


Looking northeast. From left to right: Marion Hall, Manhattan Lofts, the long abandoned Durant Hotel, Northbank Center, and a smaller building owned by U of M - Flint


A closer shot of Manhattan Lofts. The project seems to be in limbo and the city plans on suing the developer to get its loan money back from him. Could've been a great project...


A closeup on the mural on Marion Hall


Looking down the river. As you can see, the park is lined with a huge parking garage. I love it!


I believe this used to be the Dort-Durant Carriage factory. It's now used as office space




This house apparently sits on the land where Flint's founder, Jacob A. Smith, used to live


A typical house in Carriage Town - except a lot of them have been neglected for years. There was a surge in renovations some years ago, but that seems to have slowed down.


Next time, I'll try to show more residential. There are some lovely homes there, but way too many homes that are badly in need of repair. The neighborhoods biggest problem is the high number of rehab places it has. It's hard to get people to invest when there are so many vagrants walking around all the time.

Hope you enjoyed the tour!

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