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  1. True. The density will look good from the ground still. Hell, maybe just 1 tall structure and tv rest midrises. It'll look good. Im just ready for us to finally get something tall off the ground downtown.
  2. Another Big project dead... man the pandemic messed it up for the big projects planned downtown. I have a feeling St. Jude might buy the land to build out. I really don't want that. We need something similar to what he proposed for the downtown area. Large Hotels, Residential, and retail. https://dailymemphian.com/subscriber/section/businessreal-estate/article/42665/memphis-real-estate-intrator-selling-downtown-pinch-district-properties
  3. If I can find it, I'll email the owner and suggest something more inspiring, because that'll be a dead zone
  4. https://www.bizjournals.com/memphis/news/2024/02/12/owner-commercial-appeal-building-self-storage.html No no no. We need a pause on storage faculties in Memphis. I really want the owners to think outside of the box for this property.
  5. All that gripe they gave about the Lowe's Hotel coming a couple years ago, just for them to leave? Opens the door for a new convention center hotel.
  6. I hope so. There's so much potiental. Especially how Laurelwood across street from the Mall has redeveloped and stabilized. That area does remind me alot of Green Hills. I believe the retail and commercial market will get stronger as properties are being invested.
  7. Downtown Projects to look out for 2024, According to the Commercial Appeal I hope at some point this year we'll see construction start all of these and have cranes in the sky. https://www.commercialappeal.com/story/money/business/development/2024/01/04/downtown-memphis-development-100-north-main-dream-hotel-orleans-station-the-walk-on-union/71930797007/
  8. I wonder will that cut into the season and cause the Grizzlies to play elsewhere? Same as the Tigers at The Liberty Bowl.
  9. Are there any renderings of this work? I actually posted something last year I believe, about this area of Poplar having infill to grow more with those surface lots and limited land avaliable. Amazing. Poplar Corridor Developments in progress • Oak Court Mall being bought, more likely to get redevelopment. • MidCity Development at the old Racquet Club site with a couple of midrises possible. • The TIF planned in this article. • The Carrefour at Germantown development. There's also Perkin Flats that's about to start construction behind Soul Fish on Poplar. 5 story apartment building
  10. Just imagine, they're adding another phase next to these, so much of this portion of Broad on one side will be full of apartments.
  11. Even though I'm down for another bridge somewhere north of downtown to connect 385, this could solve that issue for a 3rd bridge. As long as they don't shut that one down.
  12. Yeah, I was just wondering about the Pinch project. I think some article from the beginning of this year when he filed for an extension, or permit for the Pinch, he mentioned something about the end of 2023 to start the construction work on it. I need to find the article.
  13. The lot that had plans with the Clipper and hotel development? It would make sense to bring that area up. I forgot what developer had that land, but that would be nice to have a entertainment destination there. I see they have Punch Bowl Social there at the Deer District, I was literally looking into this place last week because they have locations around the country, and I felt that it could do well Downtown, Midtown, East Memphis- Poplar area, or Collierville/Cordova. I said on here that Downtown is in need of a Fun arcade, bowling, mini golf type of entertainment.
  14. These aren't quite official. These are some of the plans for the Racquet Club site vision. With this, Oak Court Mall redevelopment, the development on Mendenhall south of the tracks, and The Standard in Germantown. The Poplar corridor will get stronger financially.
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