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  1. Girl Tribe just announced the closure of their Birkdale location. I have heard rumors of trouble within Girl Tribe. Hopefully unfounded.
  2. RDU has way more international arrivals. I arrived from Iceland and was stuck at customs for 1.5 hours because a LHR flight had just arrived before us and they only had two people processing. Now have my Global Entry card, yay!
  3. I got super excited when i saw the Hot Topic label. God, what a disappointment, same Daniel Levine conversation going on. Tumbleweed........
  4. Gun violence needs to be tackled at a gun culture level, it is not a flip of the switch. Nobody is saying "All we have to do is ban guns and that will eliminate gun violence!" Frankly you quote is ridiculous. The vast majority of the "anti-gun crowd" is calling for restrictions on where guns can be carried, what type of guns, how guns are stored, and identifying any individuals who are deemed as a threat form accessing guns. People will still have guns and to say the opposite is pandering to the scaremonger tactics of the NRA. The constitution should be a living breathing document, changed to suit the environment the nation faces. This should apply not just tot he 2nd amendment, but across the whole document.
  5. This^^ I think many American don't realize how much better their lives could be if the gun culture was to change. America has proved that more guns / light restrictions does not bring a better life.
  6. stw52


    I like the space between the bike lane and car lane, but wish they would paint the bike lane a distinctive color to act as a visual reminder for those parked not to open their doors without looking
  7. 1501 South Mint is also closing. They say they will be back at a different location.
  8. CO reporting Living Kitchen, located in South End, closed for business on Monday, Jan. 15. Read more at: https://www.charlotteobserver.com/charlottefive/c5-around-town/c5-development/article284286528.html#storylink=cpy
  9. Completely agree with this. America has such a strong gun culture which results in such gun violence. Whether legally owned or not, the emphasis of guns in daily life here results in trauma that is not present in other developed nations. Trauma can be the victim that is shot, resulting in death or injury, those present at a shooting but not shot, families of those at a shooting, those such as first responders that have to go in and clean up the mess, the list is endless. While i applaud Tariq on speaking out and disappointed at the rest of the council., i feel Tariq will push everything but gun control, so we will be left with the continued dominance in gun culture. As for large gatherings especially in Uptown, i will never bring my family to any due to such violence, i dont care what the city does nor how the event is promoted. Who would want to spend time in a place of such increasing violence and the resulting fallout, even if it is limited to running for cover and experiencing heavy traffic after a violent event. None of it is attractive.
  10. Yep, just back from a European trip over the holidays. CLT to DUB for 4 was 5500+, with 1 layover each way. RDU to DUB same dates was 2200 for 4. Icelandair with stop in Reykjavik (a very small and easy airport). No brainer what i went with. Everything was a breeze, until our return to RDU where there was only two people checking passports and a London flight had arrived before us, then no carts at the luggage claim area. Should be easy fixes and RDU will be my go to for such flights.
  11. I'm pretty sure they were trying to move out of that space pre covid. Not sure what the current situation is. They simply have outgrown the building with no way to add additional capacity..
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