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  1. Greensboro just doesn’t love its grand houses like other cities. It was Adamsleigh several years back, now this one!
  2. How odd. The stretch of US421 from Winston-Salem west to Wilkesboro thru Yadkin County could already be designated an Interstate….as it is already limited access and up to grade. The stretches from Greensboro to Liberty, and Siler City to Sanford are not upgraded, according to the NCDOT. Nor are portions thru Harnett and Sampson Counties, which are not even four lanes. This announcement would require years of work before designation.
  3. Again, great pics of Winston-Salem. It is the most architecturally diverse city in NC. It is beautifully lighted at night with the new Truliant Tower signage and observation level coordinated with the Kimpton Cardinal /RJ Reynolds Building, and lighting against the former NCNB building at Liberty Plaza.
  4. Great photos of center city Winston-Salem. I was there on Saturday as well, but after nightfall, and was delighted by the vibrancy of the street life downtown, even with no events at Stevens Center or such. I walked around several of the main streets after dinner in the Arts District at Camel City BBQ, and it seemed like a big city for the holidays with people walking up and down the streets, the Christmas lights along the streets, the buildings lit up, and windows and building facades decorated for the holiday season. The new Merschel Plaza was particularly appealing at night, with the new motion sculptures as the centerpiece, an additional city Christmas tree, all lit up against several buildings, and facing the new Kaleidium children’s museum due to open soon. It will be interesting to see the museum open, with Liberty Plaza park finished, and see what developers put at the site adjacent to the Hotel Indigo facing Merschel Park.
  5. Beautiful aerials of my favorite North Carolina city! Especially the shots looking due north up the Main Street axis toward Sauratown, Pilot Mountain, and Hanging Rock…
  6. This is HUGE!....for a large area in long need of facelifting and connectivity. https://www.bizjournals.com/triad/news/2023/08/17/wfu-front-street-capital-mixed-use-development.html Wake is an unprecedented driver of the city’s economy, as Duke is to Durham’s.
  7. https://v1019.com/2023/08/14/north-carolina-pizzeria-ranks-as-one-of-the-best-in-the-u-s/
  8. Thank you for the pictures. Winston-Salem has the most diverse architecture of any city in the Carolinas, from 18th century to the present, with a multitude of colonial examples (at Old Salem and in the county of Forsyth), vernacular, Greek Revival, turn-of the century, and Art Deco to Post Modern.
  9. Bottom line is airport standing. Charlotte Douglas snags another one for the Queen City. The ACC wants more convenience and options for air travel for all the member institutions, and doesn’t need a Coliseum named for it. Charlotte simply has more connections with its airport.
  10. Sure, there could be improvement by the city, police, or hired security detail, but let’s face it, since the gates to this event opened (I hear) mid afternoon and the concert was at 8PM, I could pin the blame and responsibility on the attendees as anyone for the small percentage who experienced delay. If you know you have spent that much money to attend an event and you know the normal travel time and distance it takes, you don’t leave at the normal time if you know there my be 30, 40, or 50,000 other people involved. You plan ahead, and give yourself enough time to maybe get there early! i have attended concerts and large ballgames in Charlotte and Raleigh, and the same thing happens going and coming. Went to a high school state football championship game several years ago at Carter Finley, and the traffic on I40 backed up going into Raleigh near the airport, and by the time I reached Wade Avenue, it was gridlock and at a standstill. This is nothing new.
  11. Great article. Winston-Salem is really a cool city with an interesting history, and very underrated quality of life and motherload of Art’s and amenities!
  12. That is an interesting article. Not to take anything away from the good folks in Lexington (population less than 20,000, and home to one of the BBQ capitals of the world), but our friends in Elkin (population +\- 5,000) have already been enjoying their Chick-Fil-A. Would love to know the difference in the demographics or reasoning.
  13. I don’t think there is much to worry about. There won’t be any 500’+ structure anytime soon in Greensboro. There is no desire or demand for it, least of whom would be developer Carroll, regardless of who tries to play soothsayer and read his mind. There is only one person “obsessed” with such a pie in the sky, and that is cityboi.....
  14. I see that Robinhood/ Meadowlark is getting another Publix for Forsyth Co.
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