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New 7 story downtown Memphis condo


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This will be a nice addition to the South Main historic district:

"Historic district gets seven-story condo project

Amos Maki

Developer Phil Woodard is set to make another imprint in the South Main Historic District with a new seven-story, 26-unit condominium project on Tennessee Street.

The one-story brick warehouse that now sits at 456 Tennessee will be torn down to make way for an innovative, $6 million steel and glass structure designed by Archimania.

The seven-story structure is set back from the street to give the project a little breathing room, says Archimania principal Todd Walker. Three levels of the project will extend westward closer to the street.

The first level will offer 4,000-6,000 square feet of office and commercial space. Above that, the next two levels, which jut out from the taller structure and the first level space, will be five condos with a spot on the third level that Walker says would be ideal for a roof court.

Each unit has a balcony that in some way provides views of Downtown while limiting the amount of light and heat the sometimes relentless Memphis sun can pump into a space. The top three floors all have river views and the top floor will have two units that will sell for around $470,000, Woodard says.

Besides its innovative design, the structure will stand out because of its height. At seven stories, the new building will be one of the tallest in the area, which is made up of mostly one- to five-story buildings.

The new building is another milestone in Woodard's development of the South Main District, where he owns 12 commercial and retail spaces and is developing 20 more condo units with partner Hank Cowles in a $3.5 million project behind the Blue Monkey on South Main. He also developed 21 condo units in the St. Martin building on G.E. Patterson."


As best I can tell, the site for the building will be the whiteish building on the right:


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