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affordable housing units


Should Miami build more affordable housing units  

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  1. 1. Should Miami build more affordable housing units

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    • If they can't afford Miami, then they should move
    • Everyone should be able to live in Miami, poor or rich

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I think all cities should find ways to include affordable housing. You can't be vibrant without a mix of income levels. Starving artists need space too. The main question is how can developers get their construction cost down for affordable projects when the land costs continue to rise?

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The 56-acre site redevelopment which was a rail yard before, which will be 3,000 condos, 343 apartments, a 600,000 square foot retail center, a hotel and a health club.

Developers have also agreed to construct 380 affordable housing units off-site.

380 affordable housing units off site, that's a good start, it seems that developers could build affordable housing but they choose not to.

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A city should not be super rich or super poor. It should have lots of different types of housing stock that isn't segregated by income.

Probably the only way to guarantee or provide affordable housing is to shrink the size of the units, or if you go with a transit-oriented approach, provide tax incentives and make it easier and more affordable to live without a car. Automobile maintenance is expensive for low-income to middle-income families.

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