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Any news on Midtown Square property?


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Do any Charlotte forumers know what's happening at the Midtown Square property? I know that Pappas Properties had really big plans for it, but they were scaled back drastically when the economy soured. The last I heard was that Home Depot was going to build an EXPO Design Center there and Target would build a store too, but that was about a year ago. Does anyone know when or if this project will move forward?

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I think it's safe to say that with the uptown population tipping the 10K mark, the new arena opening, and with trains running by it, in a few years the old convention center site is going to be a hot retail center. Pappas is out for now but they may return. I've heard that some big retailers are looking at a redevelopment of the site and frankly, it only makes sense.

I have question. I've seen on "another" site - in a thread about Houston - some distressing posts that suggest that Charlotte's Uptown population has actually SHRUNK since 1990. I don't know where they're getting this information but, as we all know, this is clearly bunk. Any thoughts on the origins of this misinformation?



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Well last week it looked as if the old theater on the depot site was being demolished. that project is pretty much a sure thing. From what ive heard, Pappas is finalizing stuff with the midtown property. if you drive by now, the entrances have been permanently closed so demolition could be near? Pappas was so caught up with Birkdale and then the Cotton Mills project. I think he's now turned all is attention to midtown.

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