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N&O series on downtown revitalizations


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I'm just glad that at least there's an effort in the local paper to foment some discussion about revitalization. There's a discussion thread about Raleigh's revitalization specifically on the triangle.com "Q" forum. Someone made a great point about Raleigh: it has been trying too hard to pander to suburbanites and make the city appear and feel more suburban-friendly, which is directly at odds with the notion of trying to make downtown the place to be and the appropriate focal point of the city.

Under Meeker's watch, the focus has definitely shifted back to downtown, which is a very good thing. Still no legit candidate yet to oppose him. Mike Regan bowed out...thank god! :)

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Mike Regan bowed out...thank god! :)


Amen, amen, and amen!

There are too many people who just flip the "republican" lever without paying attention to anything about the candidate. This is particularly true in local elections, because many are deluded into thinking that the only thing that really matters is the President (maybe the senate, just a little bit.)

I was getting ready to pack my bags and leave if Regan were elected. He's an ultra-conservative, and when he announced his candidacy he proposed to cut the city's spending in half. When asked about his opinion of a city run program for at-risk children, He stated that it should be the responsibility of churches and nonprofits, not the city's, because "what those kids need is the Lord." He is a real estate agent, and that means he comes with a lot of "baggage" - vested personal interest - in issues of zoning and property rights.

He is in favor of handing everything over to the developers and letting them do whatever they want. I'm sorry, I don't want to live in a city where corporations are set loose to pursue profits in whatever manner they see fit, with the city's only role being to provide the infrastructure that these developers demand. Even Cary, poster child for the free market and suburban sprawl, is realizing the eroor of its ways and trying to do a better job planning things out. Meeker's done a whole lot of good things for Raleigh - and it's only getting started. The likes of Mike Regan would toss those years of progress out the window and then some - straight back into the stone age.

I hope he doesn't even get his seat back on the Council. Bye, Mr. Regan, nice knowing you!

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The N&O series is due to end Wednesday with a poll of Raleigh and Durham residents on what they would like to see in their respective downtowns. So far both articles have been excellent and showcased two revived downtowns. (Charlotte and Norfolk, tommorrow is Greenville S.C.)

As far as Mike Regan not running for Mayor I'm not so sure that's a good thing. I don't think he stands a chance in a citywide election (although this city did give us Tom Fetzer for two terms) however he may win reelection to his district.

I'm glad to see John Odom run for an at large seat. He seems to want to move Raleigh forward.

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