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*ATTN* Nashville forumers


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How many people on here are age 18 or above, live within the city limits, and would be interested in supporting a professional proposal to Metro Council with some of our ideas? It wouldn't be that hard to write up a report, go to Kinkos to get some professional slides, and send an enhanced transit proposal to the city for example. I feel we'd need to emphasize differences in zoning and tax law to encourage urban housing and business growth though. You can't have one without the other.

We could begin getting signatures if some of you are interested to show support for this type of idea.

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You guys enjoy yourselves. I'll stick with the existing urban stategists and organizations. They'll save me light years of work by what they've already done.

I suggest attending the Urban Design meetings. If they don't do it for you, I'm sure there will be many others to choose from. I'm sure the members can direct you. Your ideas will be welcome, but it's a bit late for a grassroots kind of effort. The planning organizations are on overdrive right now. Jump in, have fun.

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