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PHOTOS: Blizzard '05


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Our blizzard here in Providence is starting to wind down. We've had approximately 24 inches of snow in the city, though it is hard to get an accurate measurement due to the blowing and drifting, drifts up to 10 feet have been reported. The winds were gusting up to 40mph in the city, out on Nantucket they had a gust up to 84mph and the entire island is without power right now. The winds have caused downed limbs and some structural damage, a building at the end of my street has some siding peeling off, the wind actually woke me up this morning as it shook my house. It's been like a snow hurricane. All schools are closed in the enitre state tomorrow, I've already been told not to report to work tomorrow.

These were taken in the wee hours this morning, around 1am, all along Atwells Avenue on Federal Hill.


Looking up Atwells, with the flash on, shows how hard the snow is falling.


Same spot, after I remembered to turn the flash off.


Streets are pretty deserted, this area is a popular night time area, normally on a Saturday night the bars would just be starting to empty out, they never filled tonight.




Depasquale Square still decked out for Christmas, my lens was getting snow on it at this point.





The plows were doing a pretty good job, at least with the major roads, but there's a foot of snow on the sidewalk. The plows were ordered off the road for a period this morning because it was too dangerous for them to be out. They are focusing on the highways and major road now.

These were all taken around noon out my window.


Check out the 5 foot icicles, usually I can see the skyline peaking above the houses here, but I can't see it today, haven't seen it since about 4 o'clock yesterday afternoon.


This SUV is pretty useless at this point. Actually the owner of this restaurant (or his workers) shouveled a big chunk of this lot last night, lotta good that did, check out how high it is infront of the door.


The guy across the street didn't shovel, he's just lucky that the drifting has taken all the snow from his front door (it's all piled up at our front door). You can see the drift through the bottom left of the photo, that's our street, and that drift is about 4 feet tall.


All the snow is basically blown off of this roof, it's in the street beside it, good thing I don't have to work tomorrow, I'd have to climb that snow drift to reach the bus, buses aren't running right now anyway.

I'm going to try to get out and get some more pics later if the winds die down, right now I just can't get outside, even hanging out the window to take these shots was difficult, I basically hung the camera out the window and clicked, I couldn't see what I was shooting with the snow blowing in my face.

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Wow, that's a bit too much snow for me! We got about 12.5 inches here in Detroit. I did manage to get my car out of its parking spot so that I could go downtown. Of course once I got downtown, (which 45 minutes instead of the usual 10-15 minutes) I had to either walk in the street and get honked at by passing cars or trudge through a foot of snow on the unplowed sidewalks. Haha.

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Does Detroit get a lot of snow, or just a little?


Detroit averages around 40 inches of snow per season, which is about the same amount as Chicago gets. It is unusual for us to receive 12 inches of snow in just one night, but it does happen from time to time.

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If you're tired of blizzards, snowstorms and cold weather, why not take a trip to San Fran? It's quite sunny right now and warm in winter so we don't have any snow falling around!


Who was it that said "The coldest winter I ever had was the summer I spent in San Francisco"? My memory tells me it was Albert Enistein, but I could be wrong. Anyway, funny to hear someone from San Francisco metion how warm it is there now.

BTW - I've been to SF many times now, but the first visit (in the month of June some 10 years ago) was the most memorable. I did not pack a jacket or long pants and nearly froze to death in the evenings. Still, SF is one of my top three favorite cities in the world.

- BR

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Who was it that said "The coldest winter I ever had was the summer I spent in San Francisco"? My memory tells me it was Albert Enistein, but I could be wrong. Anyway, funny to hear someone from San Francisco metion how warm it is there now.

Mark Twain said, "The coldest winter I ever had was the summer I spent in San Francisco". So if you like the cold like Cotuit, come to SF in the summer where there is a lot of fog to cool things down!! It's like 16 C by the coast and 35 C inland in places like Sacramento. :w00t: But then, in winter, the water keeps the surrounding air warm so it doesn't snow here. :angry::(

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Well that is good. It looks so much fun. Personally, I love cold weather becuase of football in the August heat. It gets so hot sometimes that haze just comes off of the field. When you walk outside with pads on, dehydration strikes almost immediately. Plus, a little cold weather won't hurt anybody!

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More snow, thats just great news! :unsure:

I was up at Hampton Beach this weekend, and almost got stuck there. All the buses were cancelled, and the commuter rail service was all but suspended on sunday. The drive back to Boston took over 2 hours, the roads were nearly impassable. I've never been to the beach during the winter, but it was quite beautiful. The sand mixes in and drifts with the snow and makes for some awesome snow sculptures. It did sort of feel like a frozen hurricane. The sea was angry, the wind was howling, the sky was low and menacing. It was fun!!!

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