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Pittsburgh prepares for the AFC Title Game!


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Pittsburgh Business Journal 1/21/2005:

Heinz and Gillette place wager on AFC Championship

The H.J. Heinz Co. is putting all its tomatoes in the Steelers' basket.

The Downtown Pittsburgh-based food company (NYSE:HNZ) said Friday it will give a bottle of ketchup to each employee at the Gillette Co.'s headquarters in Boston if the Steelers lose Sunday in the AFC Championship game to the New England Patriots.

If the Steelers win, employees at Heinz's headquarters will receive a MACH3 Turbo Champion men's or women's Venus Divine razor.

"After the Steelers close shave last weekend, we look forward with 'great anticipation' to pouring on a victory Sunday and enjoying one of your fine products," Heinz CEO Bill Johnson wrote in a letter to Gillette (NYSE:G) counterpart Jim Kilts.

Mr. Kilts responded, "I'm confident that the Patriots will win without a nick on Sunday. Our team has proven that it can win games by both huge and razor-thin margins ... the closer the game, the smoother the team's play," according to a news release.

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