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HCDA seeks waterfront-development plans

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HCDA seeks waterfront-development plans

After scrapping its plans last year, the Hawaii Community Development Authority on Wednesday issued a new request for proposals for Kakaako's waterfront property.

The area of development has been expanded to 36 acres, which include the land fronting Kewalo Basin and Point Panic.

Project sites are all on state-owned land.

Calling it one of the most exciting development opportunities in Hawaii, HCDA Chairman James Kometani said he believed it also would be the catalyst for future growth of the state's economy.

"We envision a world-class development that is an active and attractive, people-oriented location that fulfills Hawaii's needs for public recreation, entertainment and amenities, and serves as a vibrant centerpiece for Honolulu's dynamic urban community," Kometani said.

Earlier plans for the waterfront were scrapped in October when HCDA and Kajima Urban Development agreed to terminate their development agreement.

Kajima had planned to build an aquarium and ocean science center on the waterfront.

Developer D.G. "Andy" Anderson surprised the HCDA in September when his team, Anekona Hawaii Group LLC, submitted an unsolicited proposal to build a trade center on the Kewalo waterfront, with designs imitating the sails of the Hokulea voyaging canoe.

HCDA Executive Director Daniel Dinell said Kajima, Anderson and other qualified developers are welcome to submit new proposals.

"We are looking for the private sector to respond with their best concept that is in concert with the authority's vision of an environmentally and economically sustainable mixed-use development," Dinell said. "In addition, 29 acres of submerged marina lands will be offered for management and potential redevelopment with the understanding that current harbor users and tenants will continue to be accommodated."

The deadline to submit the RFP applications -- which are available at HCDA -- along with an intent-to-offer letter is Feb. 2.

The HCDA is expected to select the master developer by December.


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Yeah, lets just hope they keep the competition open to the public for scrutiny and further input. However, I hope the public will scrutinize this project in an intelligent manner rather than to bash it for the sake of hindering any good, responsible developement.

The people of Honolulu need to realize it is a city and stop thinking of Honolulu as "paradise." Honolulu is not paradise. Other areas of Oahu can be considered paradise. Honolulu can be, however, an "urban paradise." I honestly believe in SUSTAINABLE and SMART GROWTH developments. And for all intensive purposes, Honolulu needs to continue and begin to lead in responsible development. Mayor Jeremy Harris did a great job, but a lot more can and should be done my our current mayor. Malama the 'aina, thats is what the leaders of Honolulu need to do. It does NOT mean we stop developing the land, but I don't think the the urban borders of Honolulu and Kapolei should not go beyond the current development plans filed at the Honolulu Hale. There is much more development that can occur within the the current Honolulu/Kapolei urban footprint, before we need to start taking more land. I think there should be a memorandum halting any new urban/suburban developments outside of the areas designated on all of Oahu's current development plans. Honolulu could become a great city, we have to start practicing some of the ideas the ancient Hawaiians had about land management.










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