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Turkey dung power

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Turkey dung power new poultry in motion

Houston's status as "Energy Capital of the World" could be in jeopardy, thanks to some fertilized fowl play.

A 55-megawatt power plant being built in Minnesota will burn 700,000 tons a year of turkey droppings, producing enough power for 55,000 homes.

This is the first such turkey poop facility in the United States and the largest in the world.

Several smaller ones have been built in England, according to plant operator Fibrominn, a subsidiary of Boston-based Homeland Renewable Energy LLC.

Another subsidiary of Homeland, Fibrowatt LLC, is looking for opportunities to build more gobbler manure processing plants, focusing initially on poultry producing states.

Unfortunately for Texas, turkey dung apparently is superior to cow chips in the considered opinion of Charles Grecco of HH Media LLC, an investment bank that helped arrange $202 million in financing for the Minnesota plant.

"Poultry litter is drier material, so it burns better -- and there's a lot of it," Grecco told Reuters. - Monica Perin

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While I appreciate the use of alternative energy services, I don't think turkey droppings are carbon free.  Anybody know more about that?


Dunno, but if it is a waste product that is going to be just sitting around, it's got to be better than importing fossil fuels. I would imagine it doesn't burn any dirtier than oil or coal.

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