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Detroit's Boston Edison Neighborhood


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Stretching from Woodward Avenue to Linwood and Boston to Edision lies the Boston-Edison Neighborhood. The 30 block neighborhood contains more than 900 homes, and is the largest residential historic district in the nation. The homes in the neighborhood range from palatial mansions to modest homes. The neighborhood was once home to prominent people, such as Henry Ford, Sebastian Kresge (founder of Kresge's, which later became Kmart), Benjamin Siegel (founder of the B. Siegel department store), and many others.

The Benjaim Siegel House is at 150 W. Boston. Designed by Detroit architect Albert Kahn and constructed in 1915, the 13,000 square foot home is currently for sale. Cough up $990,000, and it can be yours.


Another mansion on W. Boston


A more modest home down the block


This home has craftsman and tudor influences in its design.


At 670 W. Boston is the Charles T. Fisher house. It was designed my George D. Mason around 1915.


Next door to the Fisher house lies the W. C. Briggs house.


The home across the street


This interesting stone house is at the southeast corner of W. Boston and Third Street.


On the northwest corner of W. Boston and Third lies this newly constructed home.


The home at the southwest corner of W. Boston and Third


This solidly constructed brick home lies on W. Boston between Third and Hamilton. Freeway.


A house with a stone facade on W. Boston.


Across the street lies this stucco home. Boston-Edison truly is an achitecturally diverse neighborhood.


I'm not sure who originally owned this home, but it reminds me of the Detroit Society of Arts and Crafts Building in Brush Park for some reason.


Another stucco home on W. Boston


This was once the home of Barry Gordy, founder and owner of the Motown records company.


The house next door used to be a guest house, but it now appears to be a seperate residence.


This brick colonial is fairly typical of the neighborhood.


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