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CBD with rail transit


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Sydney CBD has an integrated system including subway and above ground train stations, light rail and a monorail .

Since a council boundary change on Feb 6 '04 downtown Sydney has;

*13 rail stations (10 subway stations) including the 7 traditional CBD stations

* 12 lightrail stations/stops (Central Station to Jubilee Park return)

* 8 monorail stations

More information @ Light rail & Monorail system

Watch them move :lol: ...

Light rail and monorail movements

Proposal for light rail Sydney CBD extension:


Light rail cars...


Approaching Central Station:


Monorail trains:


Light rail, monorail and 7 downtown subway stations:


Scanned pic of the rail lines to and from Central & Redfern Stations, seen @ the bottom right-hand corner with the ever growing Sydney CBD. Central Station has 26 platforms; above ground, subway & light rail:


*** The other 6 Sydney inner-city stations include Kings Cross, Redfern, Erskineville, Macdonaldtown, Newtown & Green Square.

..... :)

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Apart from Sydney's full metro transport network, the link below also includes Melbourne's train & tram (light rail) network which is the most extensive tram network in the world.

Adelaide also has a tram line out its CBD. Brisbane & Perth don't have trams but do have subway stations in their CBDs, as does Melbourne & Sydney.

There are keys (legends) explaining the systems accompanying the transport maps.

Just go to the left-hand side menu and click onto "Metro networks" @ Australian Transport Systems

^ ^ Also so many pics, lots of information and seperate website links of interest. It's worth exploring. :thumbsup:

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