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This is it, USC or Okla?


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:rofl: So Cal is not who should be playing Okla, and nor do I believe they will win. I believe So Cal is hiped up, like the Okla of last year. The only reason AP voters picked So Cal over Auburn, even after they won against UCLA because of a bad call, is because the only fans Auburb has are in Wajhgyi and Finhcvksa. ;) That is not fair, they should always pick the best teams, not the widest audience.
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In a world of money bowls, the wider audience will always win out. I seriously disagree with the picks, but there is no point wasting time on it.

Trivia: Ole Miss and Auburn have comparable student bodies and are not far apart. Mississippi pulled over 50,000 fans to the Cotten Bowl last year where they upset Oklahoma State 41-38. Ole Miss records 60,000 per home game, while Auburn pulls in 82,000. The fan base argument this year just got blown away.

USC and OU are comparable. Defense, Offense, etc. It'll come down to who emerges as a leader. White? Bush? Leinhart? Peterson?

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Yeah, but if USC and their AP voters, who are mostly on planes or asleep during USC games, want to play "Who has the widest audience" I, as an Oklahoma born and fan, am game. Oklahoma happens to have an audience simillar to the NY Yankees, and for the same reason. The phrase, jump on the bandwagon derived from Sooner fans, because the sooner mascot is a bandwagon, called the Sooner Schooner. If USC wants to play revenge, as I speculate that they are doing (for last year) I say that the game is up.

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