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[Miami Beach] Parking lot unveils new mater


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Parking lot unveils new master meters

Master meters are taking the place of the single-space meters at a parking lot on Lincoln Road. For commuters, it may take some time to get used to the new system.


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Miami Beach's largest public lot has become the new home of the master meter.

The city's Parking Department began implementing the new system Wednesdayin the Lincoln Road lot behind David's Cafe at Lincoln Lane North between Meridian and Jefferson avenues. The old single-space meters are now covered with green bags, replaced with one master meter for every nine parking spaces.

The device is similar to a vending machine that accepts coins, bills, credit cards or a Miami Beach parking ''Smart Card.'' It dispenses a ticket or receipt that must be displayed on the driver's side dashboard. The machines have a maximum time of four hours.

Parking Director Saul Frances told The Herald on Friday that so far, the response has been good. He said he visited the parking lot several times on Wednesday and that out of 100 cars in the lot only about four did not pay the master meter.

''In fact, I spoke with both tourists and residents who used the master meter and liked the fact that there are multiple methods of payment,'' he said.

``People are happy that they do not have to lug around quarters or look for spare change and in the meantime get a parking ticket. Now there are multiple methods of payment.''

The evening manager at David's Cafe, Tony Fernandez said that not everybody is happy with the new device.

''I've heard people complain about having to walk to and from the machine and then having to come back in four hours,'' Fernandez said.

Earlier this year, the City Commission approved $2.4 million for the purchase and installation of 250 master meters.

While master meters are new to Lincoln Road, they are not the first ones in the city.

The system has already been implemented on Ocean Drive between Fifth and 10th streets, 17th Street east of Collins Avenue and the 72nd Street, Collins Ave.

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