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Ren Cen + Riverwalk


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On Friday I went with Wolverine and his friend, Paul, to Detroit. Here are the photos from the time we spent at the Renaissance Center and on the newly opened portion of the Riverwalk.

The Ren Cen from Randolph Street


A glass walkway on the interior


Looking down on GM World


My favorite space in the Ren Cen, the Winter Garden







Looking back towards the Winter Garden from the Riverwalk



Windsor from the Riverfront


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That glass walkway is pretty cool. It was added as part of GM's renovations to the complex. It is known as the circulation ring, and connects all of the towers in the complex together. Before it was built, the complex was even more difficult to navigate than it is today! We still managed to get pretty confused by the layout. There is also a lot of wasted space, and some very strange spaces in the complex. Architecturally, the complex is a disaster, although GM's renovations have made it bareable. The renovations at the complex are wrapping up right now, and the new entrance to the building should be open within a few weeks. Right now the only way in is through the Millender Center skybridge over Jefferson Avenue and through the Winter Garden on Atwater Street, down by the Riverwalk.

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I've been going to the RenCen since it was first opened in the 70's. I have always managed to get lost in there, even today I still get lost. My new life saver is the Winter Garden, as long as I know where that is, I can always find my way back to the Milander Center walkway.

Seriously, GM has done a great job with the RenCen. It has always looked great from the distance/skyline. But now it is actually looking really nice up close. Can't wait to walk in the front doors off Jefferson Ave!!! Only a few more weeks!

- BR

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