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The Heidelberg Project


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On the east side of Detroit lies Heidelberg Street, which is internationally famous because it is the location of the Heidelberg Project. Depending on who you talk to, the project is either biggest work of art or biggest eyesore in the city.

Visit www.heidelberg.org to find out more.

The Polka Dot House





An old pedal car toy bolted to a tree


A front porch filled with various artifacts



Rows of vacuum cleaners




Stuffed animals attached to a tree



A miniature city made from old house address numbers





Shoes in a tree


I found this car to be very amusing. We first noticed it on the street one block over.



An old "don't walk" sign



Part of a car frame



A bath tub full of shoes


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Good lord!  I'd hate to be living within 20 miles of that mess, LOL!  I'm trying to see the art, but it just isn't there.  Guess I can't see the art for the junk piles, LOL!


LOL. You aren't the only one who feels that way. The city has tried at least three times to take down the project. In 1989 Mayor Coleman A. Young had the doll house razed. Again in 1991 Coleman Young moved to have four of the properties demolished, saying that they were classified as dangerous buildings under city ordinance. Demolition crews arrived again in February of 1999 to take down the project. Obviously they still have not succeeded. The city tries to demolish it every few years, but they are never successful.

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Personally, if it could be "cleaned up" junk it would be pretty cool. The little city scene and those plywood cars are kind of neat. And I guess the vacuum cleaner graveyard is okay. Maybe, if they painted the houses a solid color and glued signs and stuff to them, it would be pretty cool.

I know the residents hate it, and would disagree, but I hope it sticks around awhile because it makes me laugh. I'm going to take my friends there this Wednesday.

But then again, maybe the residents do like it, or else it would have been trashed by now...if its possible to trash something that is already trashed.

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I'll be interested to hear what your friends think of the project. Nobody I talk to seems to understand it....

At least you will have better weather this time around (It was WAY too cold last time!). It is supposed to be 45 and sunny...an excellent day for a visit to the D.

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Well, it looks like I will be going back to Heidelberg Street and the Ren Cen sometime soon...my hard drive died on me. Or at least I think it's the hard drive...the stupid thing won't boot up properly. All the photos from my last four photo threads are nolonger in existance...at least in high resolution. It's too bad too, because the C-Mart ones from a week ago were among my favorites. :(

I also lost my entire collection of city photos from the internet - all 34,000 of them.

Talk about making a bad day worse! I have had no sleep at all since 11 AM Sunday. I won't be getting any tonight or tomorrow night either. I have two papers to write and two models to make by 11 AM Wednesday. Not to mention that I have 4 freehand perspective drawings due in 8 hours. Ialso have one final on Wednesday, in addition to a 500 word in class essay that i need to prepare for....

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I fixed my computer...sort of. The good thing is that my hard drive is still good. The bad thing is that my computer is missing an ATI driver, so my resolution is stuck at 640x480 and in 4 bit color. I tried downloading the driver sets, but it didn't work, since my computer is still stuck in this awful mode. I can't even really read this website.

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