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Most beautiful Norwegian high-rise buildings


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Here is a few of the most beautiful and most attractive high-rise buildings in Norway. Enjoy the thread...:)

Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel

Oslo - Norway

Radisson SAS Plaza Hotel is the tallest skyscraper in Norway and the tallest hotel in Scandianvia. The 1 class hotel building was built in 1991 and has a height on 117m. The tower is situated in Downtown Oslo, next to Posthuset. These two create a small Oslo skyline.







Rica Seilet

Molde - Norway

Rica Seilet is a 82m tall first class hotel in a small Norwegian city situated in one of the thousands fjords. The 16 floor high-rise building started construction in august 2001, and was completed 11 september 2002, the same day skyscrapercity was established. The high-rise building experienced a lot of opposition before construction, but has become the most sucessfull high-rise in Norway after it was completed. Now, vote this beauty...:)






Oslo - Norway

Posthuset is the second tallest high-rise building in Norway counting 111m. The tower was first built in the 70 counting 84m, and was famous for its ugly look. In 2001-2003 they reconstructed the tower, and is far nicer today.




Posthuset creates the main Oslo skyline at downtown.


Main entrance, a great design in my opinion.


Model of the tower.



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@ wolfdawg54

Yes, Rice Seilet looks as Burj Al Arab in Dubai. In fact, the architect was in Dubai just before he got the idea of this building.

@ Allan

There is a lot of opposition agains high-rise buildings in Norway. Nowday not one single one gets approved. We have just a few which the city council actually approves, and if they do that the project meet a lot of opposition. Right now we don't have one high-rise buildings which is under construction.

But in Stavanger we have a 4 high-rise project which was approved and will start construction next year. But this project did not cause much of opposition at all. But in Oslo we have a large project in downtown which will create a skyline next to Radisson SAS and Posthuset. It has been approved and content buildings up to 20 floors. Its a lot of opposition agains that project.

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