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Sunday Night Downtown


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Excellent pics Allan. Campus Martius is really beautiful during the evening. I'm suprised how many people here at U of M want to go skating on the rink. I didn't expect all the interest, but it sure is great! Life in the CBD is getting better, even if it has its occasional downs with historical building demolitions. But overall, things are looking great. It's eventually going to hit a point where things really take off. I'm farely confident we will see new buildings rise on Cadillac Square, and the old Hudsons block by 2010.

BTW, I still noticed the Dime Building has the utility scaffold hanging over the edge. I know for fact that it can be mechanically lifted onto the roof. It looks ugly hanging over the top floor like that.

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Thanks! I got to Detroit at just the right time. The angle of the sun was perfect for the first several photos.

Maybe the scaffolding on the Dime is ugly, but it's not half as bad as that hideous connecting structure they are going to build between the Dime and the ugly new parking garage. It's bad enough that they demolished a historic building for a parking garage (why couldn't they just add on to the top of the adjacent one?). Make the Dime employees walk from the garage to the building on the sidewalk, adding pedestrian activity onto the streets. I seriously hate connecting structures (think of the one on the Guardian).

I too am confident that we will see new structures rise on the other blocks of C-Mart by the end of the decade. Rumor has it that we will hear news on the Monroe block in the first half of the new year. I'm not sure what's up with the Hudson block. I expect that to be apartments and a small hotel, but plans do change. I think the Kennedy block will be the last block to be filled. I just hope they don't try to build something too tall at that site. A 15 story skyscraper just won't work there.

A bunch of my friends want to go ice skating at C-Mart. I've offered to stand on the side lines and take their photos as they go skating by. I just can't picture myself on ice skates. LOL. I don't know...maybe I should give it a try.

I still need to go check out the Riverwalk in front of the Ren Cen. Maybe I will go do that this weekend, since I haven't got anything else planned.

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