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You know you're in South Australia when


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...grass is brown, trees are sparse, and the charcoaly-chocolatey-ocre coloured earth starts to become more of a dominant feature than the brown grass the further from Adelaide you are.

Those were the scenes I whitnessed as soon as we crossed the border and even more noticable when travelling through the Adelaide hills on The Overland on friday morning. What enforced that view of mine was the short bus trip from the Keswick Interstate terminal into town when the West Parklands were nothing but brown & sparsely vegetated and AtD commenting on how brown it was later on that day :lol:

If you haven't already realised, I was in Adelaide recently where they say Public Trarnsport, not Public Tr

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Really enjoyed my time in Adelaide. I remember quaint North Adelaide. Taking the O-Bahn to Tea Tree Plaza. Negotiating the rabbit warrens of the Central Market. All the arcades spinning off of Rundle Street Mall. And a heaping plate of spaghetti in a restaurant owned by a gent who claimed to look like legendary American sportscaster Joe Garagiola.

He did.

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