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Random Uptown Pics Taken Today 11-21-04


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I had to work for a couple of hours at the Auto show today. Of course I had my camera to take pics of a few cars I didn't get good shots of yesterday. But after I left the convention center I decided to walk around a little. After all, today was a nice day and I paid $20 to park (damn panthers game!) but it's not that bad, I get that $20 back. :P

Anyway, I hope you enjoy. I left the pics their original size because personally, I like larger pictures when it comes to architecture.



I like this place :thumbsup:


Do any of you live here? I really like the way these look.






I like this angle


I really like both of these buildings




Plenty of Wachovia pics






The wedge!


Some people hate the Westin, but I love it. It reminds me of Lego blocks or Transformers. I expect it to Transform into a cool robot any second.


As I was driving back to Cotswold and stopped at the light on Trade I snapped a couple of pics of the bobcats arena. It's really coming along!



That's it! I hope you enjoyed the pics as much as I enjoyed walking around uptown today.

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Great pics ezcheese! I walked around uptown yesterday after going to the auto show but haven't had a chance to look at them yet. Drove past the arena to see the progress but I hadn't noticed that they have already started putting in the windows until I saw your picture above. It really is coming along quite fast! I think the most exciting thing now will be seeing Courtside rise...then by the time it's topped out we'll be feasting our eyes on Novare's project! :D

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Those are some great pics!  Charlotte has some beautiful architecture.  Those fish statues remind me of Eureka's Castle, lol.  Did anyone ever watch that show as a kid?  You might know what I'm talkin about

I did, but the question is, does anyone remember watching Dumbo? :blush: I used to love that show!

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Thanks guys! I love spending time uptown. My eyes are always drawn upwards because of one building or another. Eureka's castle? I feel old! I remember it coming on nickelodion when I was in high school. I grew up with 3-2-1 contact!, the electric company, mister wizard and captain kangaroo!

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Great pics!

Jesus, the Arena starts looking incredible :w00t: , when I was in Charlotte it was just a huge "grey construction thin", but now...I don't remember what they're building next to it (the Children Learning center?), but I can't wait to see all that finished...

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Nice photography ezcheese.  Thanks for posting your photos here.  That fountain in the park in front of the Radcliff is a favorite of mine.


So, that nice residential building is the Radcliff? It would be cool to live there. B)

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