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Richland Mall Refurb


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Really? Wow. I remember that food court. I used to go there to talk to this girl I knew that worked in the record store that was in the food court. And I met Hootie there before they were blew up. That was a cool area. I didn't know they had changed it that much. Even then though, the inventive layout was just too illogical.

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I believe the main reason the current incarnation of Richland Mall is not more successful is many people's unwillingness to try new/unfamiliar things. Since it was finished, I've heard and overheard countless airheaded people say they are afraid they'll get "lost" in the parking structure or won't know where to park to get to the store they want to visit.

Good grief; the parking couldn't be more user friendly. There are plenty of signs directing you how to get in and out and towards Forest Drive and Beltline. On all but the top level, you're out of the weather, too. In the summer months, how great is it that you don't have to be concerned about a sudden thunderstorm/shower and/or come back to a scalding hot car?

All one would have to do if they felt reticent about the layout is pull into the structure and drive around a bit. It would soon become evident that you couldn't get lost unless you suddenly went blind.

As long as there are significant numbers of skittish, logic-challenged people like this who would rather drive 10 minutes to Columbia Mall, 15 to Dutch Square, 20 minutes out to Harbison, and walk 50-100 yards in the weather to the entrance they are familiar with, brilliantly-conceived malls like Richland may have a tough time making it.

Some have expressed concerns about being mugged, but those are people who apparently don't know how easily they can be carjacked or mugged in vast flat parking lots. The Richland Mall parking structure, as far as I know, hasn't had a problem with "security."

Does anyone have a link to a site showing what the next incarnation of Richland Mall is going to be like and when construction will begin? I saw an artist's sketch in The State a few months ago of a limited-perspective overhead view of one section of it, and it was with an article that didn't describe it in any detail. It made me think the plans had not been drawn up yet.

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