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Major Remodel + New Gas Station at Lake Michigan Drive Family Fare


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I'm usually not in the area often, but today I had to go to Family Fare on Lake Michigan Drive and Colindale and when I got there, I had noticed some major things going on there.

First off, there is now a family fare gas station in the parking lot. I'm not sure of where the actual gas station store is at or how people would pay for gas since I didn't pay close attention. But it does take up quite a bit of the parking lot which means there isn't as much parking now which I think was a dumb move. According to the picture diagram of what the store will look like, it says the gas station store will be where the delivery trucks pull in to deliver products to the store. But then this makes me wonder of where the delivery trucks will then make their deliveries to.

Second, the store is undergoing a major remodel. They did a remodel back in 2003 where they upgraded lighting, repainted much of the interior, redid the checkout lanes and add self serve checkout lanes as well as make the aisles longer and move everything around. But now they have decided to remodel the store again and this isn't like what happened back in 2003.

Things that are going on. The main entrance will be moved to about where the old bottle return room used to be at and the new bottle return room will be where the exhisting entrance is currently at. They have temporarily moved all of the bottle return machines outside of the store while construction of the new entrance is in progress.

Over by where deli is, it looks like they are raising the drop ceiling in the area. Not sure if they will put in new lights or use exhisting lighting.

Once the remodel is done, basically it will be a whole new store. Basically every department in the store will be moved to a new location. For example, produce will be moved to where the bakery is/was, I think the seafood/deli departments will be moved to about where dairy and milk is, frozen foods will be moved near the dairy area and much more. As you enter the store, there is a picture that shows where everything will be once the remodel is done.

I was able to snap a few pictures with my cell phone, but don't know how to get them on here. If anyone can help me, please let me know.

Also, I am not in the area often, so for those who shop as this store often or once in a while, please let us know of everything that happens during the remodel.

I personally think that the store might be smaller too once the remodel is done.

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