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"Gays already have the same marriage rights as anyone else"


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"....but gays already have the same equal marriage rights as anyone else....what gays want is the special right to marry someone of the same sex."

I often read this statement on forums, as a justification to deny gays the right to marry.

Yes it's true--- gay people are able to get married now, just like anyone else, to someone of the opposite sex. But has anyone bothered to examine the practical application of that idea?

Would a homophobe really want his straight daughter to marry a gay man? or would a homophobic parent want his/her heterosexual son to marry a lesbian? Of course not! Parents want their children to be happy. And a heterosexual marrying a gay person is certainly not a perscription for happiness.....

So doesn't it make more sense for gay people to marry gay people, and for heterosexuals to marry heterosexuals?

And the bottom line: if anyone is opposed to gay marriage, all they have to do is not date someone of the same sex. Why is that so hard to figure out?

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