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Bush Family-NAZI connection


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Prescott Bush (1895-1972) was a tire salesman, then married into money...went to Yale/Skull and Bones and later in life he became a U.S. Senator. And of course he was the father of George H.W.Bush, and the grandfather of George W.Bush.

He was also a known money launderer for the NAZIs prior to America's entry of World War II. He was even warned to knock it off by the U.S. government. And oh yeah, he was even in a plot to overthrow President Roosevelt.

Prescott Bush's Wikipedia page discusses it. Plus it's all over the web for whoever wants to do a google search. Truly amazing how the media has kept this hidden so long.

This shocking video spells it all out. The interesting thing, this documentary is completely taken from info researched at the Library of Congress. It's a ten minute video, but totally worth any true-seeker's time.

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As far back as 2004, this information was starting to surface on the web. Some entity(?) at the time of Bush's nefarious banking deals "had concluded Prescott Bush wasn't a NAZI sympathizer" so he was somehow given a free pass to run for the U.S. Senate in 1952.

Er...he moved around, and laundered great sums of money for the German NAZIs. He kept their cash locations secret, but he wasn't sympathizing with them??? ummmm....

A very damning Guardian article from 2004:


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