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In Progress: Norwalk Hospital Expansion

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Norwalk Hospital has started phase I of a new expansion; removal of the old parking garage and construction of a new, larger facility. If you go to the webpage the first image you see includes all phases of the planned construction. The link at the bottom of that page will bring you to some renderings of just phase I (new parking garage.)

Norwalk Hospital Expansion

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The hospital has just submitted plans to the city for the second phase of construction in their on-going expansion. This phase calls for a 92,000+ sf addition that will double the size of the emergency room and provide outpatient and other services. It will be housed in a 5-story addition on the north side of the building and will contain a rooftop helipad. According to an article in The Hour, the overall size of the hospital will increase from about 705,000 sf to 798,000 sf. The zoning commission will review the project at its November meeting.

My understanding is that the hospital would like to have all approvals in place prior to completion of the garage that is currently under construction, so they can move seamlessly into the new phase. The new garage is appears a little more than half complete.

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