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The History Channel: Gangland


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Well, I have to get this out of the way first, they did make Columbia look nice with a freshly paved blossom street , aerials, talking about the rivers, our educated poulations due to the college and TMG under construction helps a little and how the History Channel portrayed Main street look extremely active and pleasant. However if you guys notice toward the end when they show the arrest photos (blue background and orange jumpsuits) of the GKBs they were taken at the Lexington County Detention Center not ASG Detention Center in Columbia(white background blue jumpsuits), show is shows the ring leaders or main part of the gang is harbored in Lexington as they stated the west side of town. However bad press this may portray you have to look at it in two regards. One the viewers of the History Channel are kind of a small niche, not to down it because I watch it myself. Two look at NYC, Chicago, Houston, and of course the world capital for gains LA, they don’t seem to be losing droves of population due to gang problems. While it can happen anywhere like it was stated in the program gangs tend to stay in areas they control the poverty drug radiant areas.

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