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Cincinnati | Disappointing Labor Day Fireworks


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Disappointing Labor Day Fireworks

Crossposted to American Byways, UrbanUp and Abandoned.

For Labor Day 2009, I really wanted to photograph Cincinnati from one of the most unique angles that is not afforded anywhere else in the city. From the west is the abandoned Hudepohl Brewery, with its mid-rise industrial blocks rising more than one-hundred feet into the Mill Creek valley. Recent efforts to seal the neglected structure are evident: padlocks on the front door, cinder-block walls, guarded by open gates, and a ladder to the staircase really make this an easy exploration for the books.

It was a cloudy night, threatened with the scary, dark clouds earlier in the day. It rained later that night.


The beginning of the fireworks display was disappointing. I thought they would project higher than this, and judging from the comments in the Cincinnati Enquirer, they once did for greater durations.


Damn you Cincinnati Enquirer, for ruining something else in this city! (Note: It is my personal opinion that the Enquirer is unfairly biased against developments and positive impacts of Cincinnati.)



The wind really picked up and blew all of the smoke to the north, completely fogging in downtown Cincinnati and the view for thousands on the top of the skyscrapers and on the hills in Clifton and Auburn.


And it's done, in 20 minutes, not the promised 30 minutes.


For what the effort to gain entry and climb to the top was, these unrivaled views of downtown Cincinnati offer some of the best glimpses of the built urban environment in the Midwest. Hope you enjoy these!

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