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The Twenty-teens


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Now that the O's are coming to an end what do you think the next decade will be like regarding:

Intown growth patterns

Will the area where Cheshire Bridge & Piedmont meet finally take on its own identity to become Uptown Atlanta?

Or will growth remain so slow that no new markets are born?

Will the west side steal the show?

Or will the north side continue its dominance?

Where will the intown growth be?


Will the pause in construction allow a new style to arise? Would it be based on the ever so popular historically influenced two-story front porch home that successfully infilled many of Atlanta's intown neighborhoods?

Or will floor plans from non profits like Brad Pitt's, Make It Right Foundation make their way out of the Lower Ninth Ward to our Old Fourth Ward?

Will new modernism be based on Twentieth Century white wall modernism or some kind of neo romantic trend that has yet to be born?

What are your ideas on upcoming design trends?

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I definitely see increased density in the city and close in counties. We are already seeing the numbers bearing that out with Fulton County gaining more people for the last two years...and the city of Atlanta having amazing increases considering trends of yore. I think with increased gas prices, the inner core with densify and the major suburban cores (Perimeter Center, Cumberland/Vinings and Gwinnett Place) will continue to densify as well.

Let's hope that the teens bring increased interest in regional transportation as well.

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Georgia Tech recently finished up a community development plan for the Cheshire corridor, including that intersection. Im not sure if it will join Uptown imagewise (according to the final plan) - it looks more like a blended balance of better design principles and some of what's already there. I think we havent seen the last of West Midtown either, but its going to be a new kind of pioneer who chooses to settle over there especially with the increased surge of violent crimes being targeted around the area.

As for as architecture, I hope Atlanta's taller buildings will be braver in the future. I feel like the skyline seems too safe.

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