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Lynette Squeaky Fromme is released from prison


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Charles Manson devotee and presidential assassin, Lynette Fromme was released from a "medical center" after serving 30 years in prison.

She has a fascinating history before and during her prison years. She personally had no involvement in Manson's Tate/ LaBianca bloodbaths. But she reportedly "kept Manson's family together" as best she could after the man himself was incarcerated.

Her main claim to fame was attempting to assasinate President Gerald Ford in 1975.

During her prison years, she remained the only Manson devotee who never spoke out against Charlie. And she escaped from prison once, "to be closer to Charlie". She also became a born again christian. (What prisoner doesn't find god in jail?)

Squeaky is now 60 years old. Might she end up being a peaceful citizen, or is it likely she'll attempt to repeat her past atrocities?

I certainly hope the FBI is watching her every move. I hope they have her phone tapped. I hope they monitor her computer. Some people are so dangerous one must wonder is it wise to ever let them go free.

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