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Wikipedia and list of tallest buildings in GR


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Hi about a year and half ago I created a page for Grand Rapids with a listing of our tallest buildings. Currently I am going to be expanding it. I was wondering if anybody would like to post two images on wiki commons for the list. One is an overall view of the city skyline at present or close to it. The other is of Riverhouse condos. I am going to expand the list to include every building over 130 feet. That will take some time but its on my to do list, along with half a dozen other items.

BTW the Medical Mile page is looking pretty good. I have to work on that shortly but if anybody wants to help out with these feel free to. I really would like to see those pages get Featured Article Status which is by and large means that it could be published. BTW to give you some ideas why I want to get wikipedia articles better is that the better the quality the better of a community we look. If you have a community which does not care about technology and what not it will bring in the younger generation hence me, the millenniumals. In anycase thanks for you help so far. Its been a blast getting these articles looking better along with creating a few of them. Hope to see you guys on wikipedia shortly. :yahoo:

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