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Possible Relocation downtown, safe streets vs not so safe?


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So in our quest to move to NC we have looked at several urban areas (downtown raleigh and durham the last few days)...the question is, while we are looking in Triangle and we have the freedom to move, why not get closer to the beach?

So I'd love any insight intown downtown Wilmington. I sort of know the beach scene and know its a somewhat progressive community downtown, just curious what advice anyone could give looking downtown......lots of places for sale as you go east on Market, even to 5th, 6th, etc....then south on 3rd 5-6 blocks. Might be a situation where it is block to block.....

Any houses or areas to stay away from or areas that are seeing development? We will be walking around Saturday seeing what's out there...




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We are targeting Sunset Park/Greenfield Lake now....anyone know anything about these areas? We drove around and it looks very quaint, lots of young couples working on their yards, etc. Sunset Park was an early dock workers neighborhood, reasonably priced (120-180k) 3bd/1 bath 1200 sq foot + yard ...

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