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I would imagine that would be quite obvious to anyone. It is too bad that Americans are so uptight about this type of display. Everyone should be offered an opportunity to express their views, regardless of what they are. A display is certainly not hurting anyone IMO.

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Bono appears to think he's Elvis. Interesting.

You know, you'd think the USA would be the one country where they could feel free to display the crosses and such. With the whole FREEDOM OF RELIGION thing we supposedly have going on.

I don't believe in a "God" or higher power, but it wouldn't offend me if they showed crosses on stage. It doesn't bother me at all.

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interesting.... full disclosure: i'm a u2 fan. the members of u2 have often placed their spirituality front and center. just read their lyrics; they're borderline gospel! the stage depicted in the linked video and its imagery were part of their zoo tv tour and in that context its a fitting nod to media super-saturation and iconography.

but, yeah the puritanical elements of the american public would sh@t a brick if they used that stage show here. no examination of context, no contemplation, just the simplistic, knee-jerk reaction available to reptile brains.

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