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So you are not supposed to use the microwave for microwave foods.


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Sounds like the huge food corporations are passing the buck on food safety because they can no longer control what is in their food products. Microwave ovens do not evenly heat food so there is a danger you can get sick from things like pot pies, healthy choice dinners, etc. There was a time when people didn't have to worry about TV dinners.

See Food Companies: Our Food Probably Isn't Safe Enough For Your Microwave. Good Luck! for more. I recommend that you learn to cook from raw ingredients. Go to the Instructables website for great easy recipes.

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Great topic. It should be noted that cooking is far from a chore - learning to cook well can be great, creative fun, especially after years of grody ("Pseudo-Italian flavored!") microwaved glop. Think of things you like, get tips from everyone you know, and build from there.

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