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Grand Rapids has more LEED Certified projects than NYC


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Thought this article was interesting. The New York Observer is criticizing NYC for not being a LEED leader, as they only have 41 LEED Certified projects. And in searching the USGBC site, I found that they even trail little ol Grand Rapids (they have 41, we have 43):

Why is New York lagging in Certified Green buildings - NY Observer

The source report:


..which actually didn't even bother to search the USGBC's site for smaller cities, which would have placed Grand Rapids before NYC, Boston, Pittsburgh, LA, Houston and Philadelphia.


It's very interesting. Just plug in other cities like Indianapolis (4), Charlotte (16), Des Moines (1), Atlanta (42, of which two are West Michigan companies), Denver (30), Pittsburgh (32), Austin (24), etc..

If you add in LEED Registered projects, it numbers nearly 100 for Grand Rapids.

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