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PROPOSED: 101 Embarcadero


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It's actually 110 Embarcadero. Sorry for the typo.






"The proposed 10-story building would rise from a sliver of land next to the Audiffred Building, a three-story brick landmark from 1889 that houses Boulevard Restaurant. Unlike the Audiffred - a French-flavored confection and downtown's oldest waterfront structure - the look next door would be all clear glass and straight lines."

"Planters contained by a trellis-like mesh would be attached between each floor, and each planter would hold a mix of vines so something is in bloom each month of the year. The vines would be trained to snake around cables that would form a sort of taut net around the glass box, with vertical cables spaced every 5 feet and horizontal ones stretched waist-high across each floor."

"The Planning Commission’s January [2009] approval of the project is now being disputed because an environmental-impact report wasn’t completed to study the historical significance of the building, the shadows that would be cast by the building’s height, which would exceed the parcel’s 84-foot height limit by 39 feet, and other factors."

"The existing gray-and-white building, which replaced a burned-down barn after the 1906 earthquake, appears unremarkable from the outside. But inside, it played an important role in Depression-era labor battles."

"The Board of Supervisors on Tuesday will consider the appeal of the Planning Commission’s green-light on the project. In making its decision, the board will consider whether the existing structure is historically significant."

"From a development standpoint the best case scenario is now up and open by the end of 2011 (no sooner than 2012 if an environmental-impact report is required)."

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