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61 Million Needed For City Streets


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Proposal: $61 million needed for city streets

By: Brandy S. Chewning - Texarkana Gazette - Published: 03/30/2009

A five-year proposal for major maintenance indicates more than $10 million needs to be paved into Texarkana, Texas, streets. Another $16 million is needed to build new streets and $35 million is needed for street reconstruction.

There are 270 streets in Texarkana, Texas, and 159 of them made the maintenance list. If all the projects were funded, the city would spend $5,632,200 for repairs from now to 2010, and $4,453,600 from 2011 to 2013.

The expenses range from $813,700 to replace Forest Lake Drive to $2,600 to reconstruct Cindywood Circle. Major thoroughfares on the project list include:

n College Drive from State Line Avenue to Summerhill Road and Pine Knoll Street to Robison Road.

n Milam Street from Wilson Street to Wheeler Street and from New Boston Road to Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard.

n North Park Road from Lynn Drive to Fair Oaks.

n Old Boston Road from Robison Road to New Boston Road.

n Robin Lane from Azalea Street to Lotus Street and Morris Lane to Moores Lane.

n West 40th Street from Summerhill Road to the KCS railroad.

Gibson Lane is scheduled to be extended next year from University Avenue to Kings Highway. Streets slated for reconstruction include portions of Moores Lane, Elizabeth Street, Wade Lane, Shilling Lane, Findley Street and Beechwood Lane.

Many major expenses face the city in coming years. Projects in the city parks department total $13 million, including $8 million for a baseball facility at Spring Lake Park.

Community insight on purchases like these is the reason the city

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