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major wind energy initiative


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This was just posted on Mlive.com. Anyone know what is in the works?

Rockford Construction, Spanish firm plan 'major wind energy initiative'

by Chris Knape {sodEmoji.{sodEmoji.|}} The Grand Rapids Press

Tuesday March 10, 2009, 11:12 AM

Officials from Rockford Construction and Spanish logistics firm Berge are planning to announce a "major wind energy initiative" at a news conference Wednesday.

The 10:15 a.m. news conference in downtown Grand Rapids is expected to include Rockford President Mike Van Gessel, representatives from Berge, The Right Place Inc. and Bruce Thompson, an adjunct professor at Aquinas College and partner in the MAPA Group, which is focused on launching renewable energy companies in the Great Lakes area.

Rockford is one of the largest construction firms in the area. In recent years, it has made sustainable development a major component of its business.

Berge is a major Spanish logistics company whose business lines include transporting wind farm components from their manufacturer to their installation location.

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GRAND RAPIDS -- Building a wind farm in Michigan could become a far simpler proposition under a joint venture announced this morning between Rockford Construction and Spanish logistics giant Berge Logistica Energetica.
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