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The Ann Arbor Press has an article about the new Business School building that has a couple of pics from the outside and more from the inside. The first picture is the back side of the building on Hill which is absolutely hideous as far as I am concerned. I will say that the building looks ok from the law quad at the corner of Tappan and Monroe and the inside looks crazy nice but overall I think it stinks. Hopefully though, the landscaping will alleviate the drab back side of the building. Here is a to the article link:

Ross School of Business Article from Ann Arbor New

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I would say overall, I like the building, but I agree with you on the Hill side of the building...it's terrible! Essentially, the building turns its back from the city. I understand it faces campus, but I think the edge of campus should also have a "face." Hill Street is fairly busy and there should be more transparency. Just look at the nice entrance RAM Stern gave at Hill and State streets. Personally I would have run the huge interior atrium all the way through to Hill and put another entrance over there.

The interior is incredible though. My other Chicago friends were in town and we happened to be walking by this building when a big event was going on. We went inside to find a great grand opening celebration with food and drinks. The event was open for everyone and they had tours of the building. Shame I didn't have my camera. At this moment, I think you can still go in, but it's still incomplete in parts.

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