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Public Art in Nashville


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In 2009, Ghost Ballet for the East Bank Machineworks (our first piece of public art paid for by the Percent for Art program) is scheduled to be joined by 2 more public art pieces, to be located in the Public Square, in front of the Courthouse.

Tennessean article:

Nashville pushes for more public art

Nashville artist Ken Rowe was chosen to build three bronze statues grouped under the theme "Discovery and Exploration."

Thomas Sayre of Raleigh, N.C., would create a set of aluminum cranes and terrazzo sculptures.

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Soooo... apparently the cool sounding fog and lighting effect thing with cranes is now out... and the artist decided to do this instead... say what????


Sayre’s new plan features two columns some thirty feet high. The bottom part of each column will be steel, with a rotatable top of radial glass sheets forming the outline of a larger-than-life person, with one hand pointing.
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