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Hyatt Park Keenan Terrace


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This summer I learned that my neighborhood, Keenan Terrace, has been added to the existing Hyatt Park Neighborhood Association. So I've become involved.

We have the base group of Association members, and an active Block Captains committee, which is working with law enforcement to reduce area crime.

We sponsored a local National Night Out event on August 5 at Hyatt Park gym and had a decent - not great - turnout. I think we fell down somewhat on publicity. (That would be me.) It'll be better next year. There were free child ID kits, hot dogs, popcorn and lemonade. Mayor Bob came by. There was a jump castle, face painting and a DJ.

If you live in these neighborhoods and want more information let me know. The Association meets every 1st Tuesday at 7 pm in the Print Building behind the Eau Claire Clock Tower. Please attend!

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Hyatt Park Keenan Terrece wishes to begin holding block parties so neighbors can get acquainted. I promised to look into it but know nothing about the logistics.

Has anyone out there been involved in planning block parties?

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