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Anti-Farmland Preservationists ousted in County election


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I know this program is controversial, even here where politics lean toward land-use planning. But I found this an interesting turn of events:

Did farmland preservation (opposition) doom Kent County incumbents?

I think we even mentioned David Morren's name (who was one who was ousted) on this forum a few times. Are there real fundamental changes happening in Kent County?

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Granted I didn't hear much about the election. But I will say that preservation of farmland should be an issues worth looking at. We are losing farmland to urban sprawl while demand for food is increasing as the world population increases. If we don't have the farmland to produce food, people starve.

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West Michigan is losing farmland like everywhere else in the U.S. And while that sucks, it's made worse by the fact that we have some incredible micro-climates here that allow the growing of unique products like apples. I'm glad voters are seeking government officials who will do a better job preserving the heritage and unique characteristics of places like Fruit Ridge.

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