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East Memphis Potential?


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Ok so I was drivin' down Poplar the other day and I noticed that the low-rise grey and white building at the corner of Grove Park and Poplar between the street and the Oak Court Mall had changed to a modern looking metal-clad office building called Grove Park Center. My uncle has his dentistry practice on the third floor and I asked him about it and he said they didn't even remove the past facade of whitewashed concrete and thin grey bricks, they just covered it up. The building is from 1962 (i think) and made me wonder if the numerous low- and mid-rise office buildings in East Memphis could be part of similar changes. Could the Oak Hall Building, Poplar-Perkins Building, The Embassy Apartments or any of the other numerous office and apartment buildings in East Memphis be revamped? Could the Poplar Avenue corridor from Perkins all the way to the Germantown City Limits become Memphis' "Buckhead" with a little investment, renovation, and rezoning?

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I the area in Memphis with the most potential to become a major new core of activity is the Poplar and I-240 interchange area of East Memphis. Basically already is, albeit rather low and medium rise..., but there is potential. On back towards the city on Poplar has its own character that I am not sure will develop in the years to come, although I think it will probably remain one of the more stable and attractive parts of the city.

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