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IN PROGRESS: Wheeler School Construction

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The Wheeler School has started work on construction on a number of projects on their campus bordering Meeting Street and Angell on the East Side. The construction will be of a new student union (complete with a very modern and mini-"G-Tech-ish" looking entrance and connector between their two older buildings on Meeting Street) and of new entrances to Wheeler and the Hamilton Schools there.

I'm having trouble (and don't have time right now) to rip an image for the forum, but here is the link to the architecture firm's website (complete with photos... Hit "forward" to see additional images, and you can zoom in as well): http://www.annbeha.com/portfolio-project-d...demic&id=86

This kind of flew under the radar. It's shockingly contemporary for the East Side and I can't help but wonder why the CHNA wasn't chaining themselves to trees to protest this. Somehow I imagine that if Brown were building these structures the reception would be different.

For the projects completion list, this one is slated to be done early '09.

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